The American Kenpo Karate Institute

"HIgher proficiency through innovation"


The American Kenpo Karate institute

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Explore the fundamental principles of the most groundbreaking and innovative fighting system in the world. AKKI Kenpo is the best in tailoring martial arts to fit the individual.

The American Kenpo Karate Institute's instructors travel to constantly train and to further their knowledge of Kenpo. They care about each and every student’s personal training and Mr. Ferraccio personally sees that they are learning correctly. He and his staff of qualified instructors are helpful, motivating and truly concerned about the progress, character and well being of each and every one of their students.

Joseph G. Ferraccio is the head instructor and proprietor of the American Kenpo Karate Institute. He is the American Kenpo Karate International’s (A.K.K.I.) representative for the North East, Eastern Canada and sits on the board of directors/examiners.

Mr. Ferraccio cares about your needs, abilities, emotions and recognizes you as an individual. He has trained many men, women, and children in the amazing art of American Kenpo. Joseph is a personal student and currently holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt (Professor) under his teacher, Senior Master of the Arts, 10th Degree Black Belt, Paul Mills. Mr. Mills was a personal student and protégé of the late Senior Grand Master, Ed Parker.